Weight Loss Program

The BIG problem with weight loss programs!

In today's world there are so many different weight loss programs and protocolls out there it is just overwehlming...

Additionally most are actually designed in a way that you don't lose weight! Just think about it, if you would follow a weight loss program and lose all those extra pounds the dieting industry couldn't sell more stuff to you, like the latest magic pill or diet!

That's why most weight loss programs are designed to actually make you gain weight, with the help of their dirty little friend the so called yo-yo effect.

You can try losing weight eating less, you can try losing weight taking obscure pills and fruits... You can go down the hard road and do lots of sport.

But which is the best weight loss program out there? 

To be considered the best, a program needs to fullfill the following critiria:

1. It needs to be proven to work

2. It needs to be easy to follow

3. It mustn't rely on drugs/pills or other obscure stuff

4. It needs to be healthy (there is no point in losing weight and being less healthy then before!)

5. It needs to rely on increasing your metabolism in order to avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect

6. It shouldn't be loaded with exercises and activities (having two children and a loving husband is usually enough stress)

The best weight loss program revealed! 

If you have read my blog regularly in the past you will already know my story...If you don't know my personal weight loss story you may read it here: MY STORY.

I personally followed a weight loss program called the beta switch, it fits the criteria from above perfectly and the program worked incredibly well for me!

I lost 36kg (over 75 pounds) just by doing what was laid out in front of me.

I highly recommend you go and check it out, just click the link below:


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