Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Yoga With Adriene Best Weight Loss Workouts

In today’s blog post I want to share with you my favorite YouTube yoga channel, it’s called yoga with Adriene and its amazing!

Below you will find the top 5 yoga workouts from yoga with Adriene for losing weight.

Those are the workouts that made me sweat the most and where I could actually feel that I was losing weight right while doing them.

Please keep in mind that losing weight takes more than a few workouts!

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yoga with adriene

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But now back to yoga with Adriene… Any form of physical activity especially workouts are taxing for our
body, so start slow especially if you are out of shape or haven’t done any sport lately.

However, there is also a good side to it. Your metabolism will increase significantly. Learn all about how to make your metabolism faster.

If you are unsure make sure to consult a physician. If a pose is hurtful for you or you are feeling pain please use common sense and stop doing it. There is no point in getting hurt!

Let’s start off with my favorite video from yoga with Adriene:

My number two pick, be careful with this one as it is very taxing:

Number three:

Number four, careful with this one too! It got me to the point where I had to stop when doing it for the first time:

Last but not least number five of yoga with Adriene:

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