Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How To Make Your Metabolism Faster - Fast & Easy

In this blog post I will cover how to make your metabolism faster, naturally and in a healthy fashion.

Your metabolism is of utmost importance when trying to lose weight for several reasons.

But I’m getting ahead of myself let’s start out with the absolute basics. If you already know what metabolism means and why it is so super important for weight loss feel free to skip the next paragraph.

What is metabolism and why do I need to increase it?

Your metabolism defines the amount of calories you need to take in on a daily basis in order to stay the same weight, for example the average person needs 2000 kcal a day.

Now a person with a slow metabolism might only need 1800 kcal, while a person with a fast metabolism would need 2200 kcal to keep their weight.

That’s the reason why some people can eat a lot and still stay thin while others only need to “look” at food and gain weight almost immediately.

Now belonging to the first group of people, those that can eat a lot while staying the same weight, is obviously beneficial in our weight loss quest.

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How to make your metabolism faster!

This is actually easier than most people think. You just have to follow some very basic guidelines to see a significant effect.

how to make your metabolism faster

Here are my top 3 on how to make your metabolism faster:

1. Drink cold water throughout the day. 

When you take in cold water your body needs to heat it up in your stomach before it can pass on. Heating up the cold water takes energy from our bodies; this energy is created by burning calories.

In conclusion your metabolism becomes faster, because your body needs to burn more calories.

boost your metabolism

2. Have a cup of green tea for breakfast instead of coffee.

Several scientific studies done by the universities of New York and Munich have shown that people that drink one cup of green tea a day have a higher metabolism than people who don’t.

But more interestingly, they have also done an experiment with women who haven’t been drinking green tea and which only started to do so during the experiment.

The result was the following, their metabolism increased by almost 15%, which in conclusion means they could eat a lot more calories while maintaining their weight or if they would just eat the same amount as before the experiment they would be losing weight!

Quite amazing if you ask me.

3. Start doing sport.

This one is pretty much self-explanatory … When you are physically active your body needs additional energy and therefore your metabolism increases. Yoga for example is a great option!

Depending on the kind of physical activity this can have a very significant effect! And additionally it is very healthy.

Underground secret to make the female metabolism faster!

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